Entrepreneur Program

The goal of the entrepreneur program is to empower students at an early age and provide them with the foundation for entrepreneurial success, which includes:

  • Psychological hardiness

  • Building a business knowledge base, and includes preparation, which will enable them to be in business for themselves and contribute to the economic community.

Entrepreneur Program courses

The entrepreneurial program is designed to teach the youth and have them complete the following which will allow them to build on these basic principles as they mature and throughout their adult life.

How to Think

How to be independent and develop critical thinking skills

Develop Products

Understand how to develop a business case How to develop a product

It is in the Numbers

Design a process Utilize analytical skills

The program is also designed to help students understand:


How decisions today will affect the future.

Get Ready! Set! Go!

Understand how being prepared or having an awareness can affect the ability to capitalize on an opportunity.

Will I fail?

Understand that the difference between those who are successful and those who are not, is information and preparation.

We present the Entrepreneur program in a variety of formats such as one week camps, 30 week school (one hour a week) programs, workshops, and other customized formats.

If you are interested in bringing the Entrepreneur program to your location, please contact us from the appointment page.