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Dr Jennifer Smith's Story

Lester Smith Sr's Story

Jennifer Smith, PsyD is the Principal Consultant for 3AM Consulting Services.  Her degree is in Psychology with concentration in Organizational Consulting.  Her expertise is in detecting opportunities for growth, providing solutions, and optimization for business owners, in addition to providing workshops and classes for business owners and the youth.  She also partners with non-profit organizations to provide services for the underserved populations.  She has worked with businesses in the Healthcare Industry, Non-profit Organizations, Food Industry and many more.  She is a part of the Industrial Society of Psychologists as well as the Society for Human Resource Management. 

She serves as adjunct faculty at Dallas Community College, partners with DCFI (a non-profit organization) to provide tutorial services to the underserved, and she teaches classes designed to empower the youth to be in business for themselves at a local Homeschool Co-op.  She developed her own Entrepreneur Curriculum Program and Communication & Leadership Development Curriculum Program utilizing the applied learning methods to teach the youth the basic principles of Entrepreneurship and Communication with relationship to Leadership and day-to -day activities.  Visit the programs page to learn more about these programs.  Her motto is, “The road to success is not paved with good intentions…but by staying the course”.   Her goal is to help business owners to stay the course and maximize their potential. 

Lester Smith is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in financial services, system configurations, and productivity tools for businesses.  His experience as a Controller/ERP analyst extends over several industries including Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and public accounting industries. His specialty includes taxes, bookkeeping, process improvements and automation, data extraction, and ERP system conversions.

He is a teacher at heart,  willing to train individuals in the basics of  healthy financial practices. Whether it be Controls, new software installs or working smarter, he partners with  your organization to help you make the next step. ,He provides you company with workshops to teach the basics of  budgeting, GAAP accounting and other tools to increase productivity.  He volunteers with several non-profit organizations to give back to the community.

His motto, “The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful…is information and preparation”.

Feedback & Reviews

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Jonathan Alvarez

Financial Manager at Acme

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Russell Kennedy

Assistant Buyer at Globex

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Janice Griffin

Copywriter at Dynamic

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Consulting Services

The process includes assisting with: identifying opportunities for growth and possible expansion; strategizing; planning; personal and business development; designing business models; marketing plans; project management.  


3AM Consulting Services partners with organizations to conduct camps for the youth to inspire them to become entrepreneurs.  Usually, the camps are for a period of one week for 3 ½ -4 hours a day.  For more information please contact us. 

We also offer a variety of workshops including, but not limited to:  Financial, Communication, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship to name a few.

Accounting/Tax and Startup Setup Services

It is our experience we have met many business owners that know how to run their business but are not sure if it is being done effectively.  The decision to ask a CPA for help is a delicate but wise decision. At 3AM Consulting we understand that with bookkeeping services the client is sharing a lot of personal information and it may feel like you are losing knowledge of every transaction entered. However, we assist the client with managing the smaller details so the client can gain more control and begin looking more strategically at the business’ trajectory. We provide a briefing session to review the monthly reports and to keep the client informed. 

If a fresh start is required, our use of QuickBooks online can get your organization up and running full-service accounting. Our we can help you get you own QBO, or other software setup ready to receive transactions.

Productivity Tools

At times, Small business and startups have big corporate company  challenges.  However today the internet inspired tools to be developed that make many of these issues a minor issue. We encourage tools like Slack, Hubdoc, QBO, Square, Asana, Zoom, etc. We receive no benefit from recommendations, our desire is for business owner to run there business on the go.

Need advice?

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Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.